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Python3 Notes

This is just a collection of notes I’ve made over a period of time to remind me of certain commands or syntax. I will continue adding to this over time. I’m also going to add my Natural Language Processing notes and Machine Learning Notes in a couple of other articles.


Introduction to SAML for Managers

SAML allows your users to be authenticated and authorized without direct interaction with your web site. It does this by creating a trust relationship between the site and a trusted third party who vouches for the identity of the user. This article explains both how this happens and what the additional benefits are.


Introduction to Kerberos for Managers

What is Kerberos? It is an authentication mechanism which involves three parties (it takes its name from the mythical creature that had three heads for this reason). Kerberos is a ticket based security protocol. Some Key Concepts Authentication This is the act of verifying you are who you say you are by checking your login credentials. Authorization This is the act of verifying that you have sufficient rights to access the system....

Three Brass Monkeys

In this article I’m going to talk about why we shouldn’t take security for granted, what practices should be part of our process and how the industry may move to enforce this.


Kerberos User Impersonation on Tomcat with Apache

If you are using Kerberos for single sign-on SSO and want to be able to make http requests impersonating the end user to third party systems you can do this using the HttpClient that is part of the Apache HttpComponents project.


ANTLR and JavaCC Parser Generators

The pros and cons of both ANTLR and JavaCC when parsing, small to medium size pieces of code as is often the case with, domain specific languages.