Hard training session because tired but worth it.

A difficult training session, too tired but managed to perform quite well all the same. The circuit:
* 10 minutes bike
* Two Point Elbow Plank
* incremental pushup, kneeling arm stretch (1 pushup, then kneel and with arms bent pointing upwards stretch arms as high as you can. Then repeat without a pause doing both twice, then again thrice and so on. Until you can no longer continue
* 10 minutes cross (Elliptical Trainer)
* Individual leg extension 15kg, 10 reps per leg, 3 series
* Hammer throw, 10kgs, 12 reps from lower left to upper right and 12 reps from lower right to upper left, 3 series
* 13 minutes step (106 floors)
* 8 Lunges per leg with shoulder press, 4 series
* 10 hyper-extensions with side raises, 3 series
* 13 minutes treadmill with 2% inclination 10 minutes at 12km/h and 3 minutes at 14.4km/h

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